Center for Race, Philosophy, and Social Justice

The Center for Race, Philosophy, and Social Justice promotes normatively inflected social and political thought geared to thinking through the demands of racial justice in the United States in the aftermath of Jim Crow and the election of our nation’s first Black president. Housed in the Institute for Research in African-American Studies, the center sponsors interdisciplinary initiatives that, while chiefly driven by the scholarship of philosophers and social and political theorists, regularly engage the broadest available range of empirical, social scientific and interpretive, historical-cultural inquiry. The center's work builds on Manning Marable’s legacy by maintaining a focus on the contributions that African American Studies has made and will continue to make to the articulation of a racial justice agenda.


Robert Gooding-Williams
M. Moran Weston/Black Alumni Council Professor of African-American Studies, Professor of Philosophy
Columbia University

Faculty Affiliates

Farah J. Griffin
William B. Ransford Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African-American Studies
Columbia University

Bernard E. Harcourt
Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Director of Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought
Columbia Law School

Saidiya Hartman
Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

Alondra Nelson
Professor of Sociology, Dean of Social Sciences
Columbia University

Anupama Rao
Associate Professor of History
Barnard College

David Scott
Professor of Anthropology
Columbia University

Kendall Thomas
Nash Professor of Law, Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Culture
Columbia Law School

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